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aussie_ana's Journal

♥ED support community, Australians & New Zealands♥
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Aussie Ana is an Eating Disorder support community. We are NOT ‘Pro Ana’, the difference being that this community recognises eating disorders kill people and we care about our members. The community’s purpose is to allow people with eating disorders to communicate with others going through the same/similar struggles they are. It's not always about recovery (though sometimes it is), but it is definitely NOT about triggering people into worse places and into the ED behaviours they so desperately want to be free of.

Taken from thegoldenvision

01. DO NOT join if you don't have a pre-existing eating disorder.

02. Only accepting applications from people who live in Australia or New Zealand.

03. At the Mod’s discretion, members may be banned if they display ‘wanarexic’ behaviours. Eg. Referring to your eating disorder as ‘Ana’ or ‘Mia’ or signing off every post with 'Think thin, girls!!’

04. Do not post ‘thinspiration’, photos or art glamourising eating disorders here. Progress or personal pictures are acceptable as long as they’re behind a cut with a warning.

05. You MUST place triggering posts, ALL pictures and promotions behind an LJ cut with a warning. This includes foods you binged on, all pictures of food, etc. If you don’t comply the post will be deleted after 24 hours. How to LJ cut.

06. Do not ask members to join you in pro ED behaviours such as fasting as it is potentially triggering.

07. Discussions and disagreements are inevitable, but members who purposely create drama or are bitchy, rude and/or abusive towards others with different opinions will be warned then banned if they’re a repeat offender.

08. To ensure security and privacy, please make all posts ‘friends only’ unless you have a specific reason not to.

09. Please be supportive of other members, stay on topic and stay active within the community.

10 Finally, if your journal has no entries, has only "pro-ana" interests listed, if it in anyway seems trollish then your membership request will be denied. If your journal is friends only contact the mods and we will sort something out.

Read the rules then, if you fit the criteria, join the community by clicking here. You will be accepted or rejected according to your location, age and personal journal. Once approved you can introduce yourself to everyone by posting the below form in the community. Please keep it behind a cut.

Introduction Post:

>> 06. Important! If you are self-diagnosed please check here to ensure you fit the criteria for the eating disorder you think you have.

>> 07. Co-morbidity is the presence of one or more disorders in addition to the disease or disorder of primary interest.

>> 16. Don’t know your BMI? Calculate it here.

>> Questions in the “EXTRA” section are completely optional; only complete these questions if you wish to share this information.

>> Post as much or as little information as you feel necessary, but remember that it is an introduction.

Q: Why has my request to join been rejected?

Because of one or more of the following: you have no entries in your journal, you don't have a location on your userinfo page, it's not clear from your journal that you have an eating disorder, you use the words 'ana' or 'mia' frequently in your journal, etc, etc. You may re-apply if you wish.

Q: I have joined and done my introduction post but my membership has now been rejected - why?

Because of one or more of the following: you've used the word's 'ana', 'mia' or told us to 'think thin', it's obvious you haven't read the rules, you have mis-diagnosed yourself, etc, etc. In these scenarios you may re-apply if you wish and post a corrected introduction post.

Promoting is entirely optional. If you would like to promote the community you can place a banner in your userinfo or on another part of LJ.

More banners here.

Do you have any concerns/disagreements with the rules or something that’s been posted? Would you like to leave feedback or have a complaint to make? If so, please email the Mods before starting unnecessary drama.

breath_in_girl, skramamme + discordings are always willing to work through any problems that may arise so don’t hesitate to contact them at their personal journals -- your primary contacts should be either discordings or skramamme (currently the active mods).

Aussie Ana is owned by loveice. Please only contact her in an emergency at icequeene@yahoo.com.


Interested in becoming affiliates? Aussie Ana is now looking for ed-related sister communities. Please email the Mod if interested.

RECOVERY & HEALTH - A list of recovery and healthy communities for those who don't belong here because they don't have an eating disorder or are recovering.

CALORIE KING - Food database that tells you the content of fat, sugar, carbs and cals in any food.

BMI - Calculate your Body Mass Index on this metric BMI calculator.

BURN CALS - Calculate how many calories you are burning by entering activity and time.

DEFINITIONS - Eating disorder definitions.

CONVERT - Convert kilograms to pounds and vice-versa.

BOOKS - A list of ED related books where you can browse the first few pages.

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